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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do you deliver to homes as well as large commercial businesses?

     A. If your residence is accessible by semi and requires 50 or 130 yards of product call our office for more information. 

Q. How do I determine how much bark I will need?

     A. It is recommended that you lay down 3” of bark initially and add to it periodically as it breaks down. Bark is measured in cubic yards.  Use the following calculation to determine your needs:

Q. How long does bark last? 

     A. Depending on the size and how much you put down initially, bark can last 2-4 years. The bottom layer will deteriorate first and become a soil amendment. In some cases, customers refresh yearly because they like the look and smell of fresh bark.

Q. Should I put down plastic or weed fabric under the bark?

     A. Three inches of bark gives you the same weed control as plastic without the additional effort. Plastic is never recommended as it prevents water from penetrating into the soil. It also traps air, causing moldy soil and eventually deteriorates and falls apart. Weed fabric makes it difficult to do additional planting and will still require two inches of bark. Neither is suggested.

Q. Are there chemicals in bark that can harm my plants?

     A. No. There are no chemicals in bark, added or natural, that will harm plants or pets.